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Comprehensive Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City, OK

When you run a business, it’s important to keep every part of your location looking neat and clean, including the floors. Whether your floors are mostly covered by shelving units or décor, or you have an expansive lobby with gorgeous hardwood floors, customers will notice if the floors are dirty or dull. With commercial floor cleaning services in Oklahoma City, OK, you can make sure your business looks, feels, and smells fresh and clean so your customers leave with a positive impression of your company.

Jan Pro® offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, including commercial tile cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing, and hardwood floor restoration. Our workers are thoroughly trained in every aspect of commercial cleaning and make sure to leave each location looking and feeling clean and professional. Reach out to our friendly team to schedule services today.



Specializing in Cleaning All Types of Flooring

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Our cleaning experts are adept at cleaning all types of commercial floors. From commercial tile cleaning to carpet cleaning, we have high standards for every flooring material possible. We know how important your company’s image is, and we work tirelessly to maintain the cleanliness and appearance that you strive for each day. Our signature cleaning supplies and equipment have been specially developed for commercial applications on tile, carpet, hardwood, and other types of flooring, so you can rest easy knowing that your floors will be cleaned properly and with care not to damage them.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Restoration

Hardwood floors offer a rich and vibrant feeling to any commercial setting and create an impressive visual effect for your customers and visitors. This natural flooring tends to look and function well for many long years, but over time, it may start to look dull or damaged. When your hardwood floors are looking a little worse for wear, get in touch with our team for hardwood floor refinishing and restoration. Our cleaning crews have extensive knowledge of all wood types, finishes, and coloring. Based on the unique design of your hardwood flooring, we'll provide the proper solutions. Manufacturer-recommended treatments and techniques are also applied to highlight distinct hues and glosses.

Restoring hardwood floors can add significant value and beauty to your commercial location, and our team should be the first call you make when you’re planning to rejuvenate your building. We take the time and care to properly and thoroughly restore your hardwood floors, so they look as beautiful as they did the day they were installed. Your customers and clients are sure to notice the beauty and renewed richness in your floors next time they visit, leaving a lasting impression in their memories.

Deep Cleaning for Your Carpeting

For many businesses, carpeting is the flooring of choice. It’s attractive and welcoming, and it absorbs sound, which helps keep the noise level low in a busy environment. Because our company is known for keeping to a higher standard of clean, our janitors make use of HEPA-backpack vacuums that pick up dirt, dust, and other allergens, as well as any germs or bacteria hiding in the fibers.

For the most part, regular vacuuming is enough to keep your carpeting looking good. However, over time, with heavy foot traffic, and due to bad weather; your carpeting becomes spotted and stained, and dirt gets ground into the fibers. So, in addition to regular vacuuming, our company provides you with commercial carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City.

 This is intensive cleaning that revitalizes your floor covering for a fresh, new look. Included in intensive cleaning are spot cleaning and hot water extraction. We all know that hot water is better than other temperatures for cleaning, so we inject heated water with a cleaning solution into freshly vacuumed carpet with a commercial-grade cleaning machine. Then, we remove dirt and water from the carpeting, allowing it to dry quickly. The result is carpeting that is clean and bright because dirt and stains have been removed.

 Our office carpet cleaning also plays a key role in extending the life of your flooring. With regular vacuuming and intensive cleaning at least twice a year, you can wait longer to replace the carpeting and save your business some money.

Guaranteed Quality: JP Signature Clean®

Our services are backed by our commitment to following JP Signature Clean® standards. In addition to ensuring that all of our cleaning crews undergo a rigorous training program, we are committed to high-quality processes. You can feel confident knowing that our flooring service owner-operators are educated on the finer points of:

 Commercial Wood Flooring
 Floor Stripping and Refinishing
Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City, OK Hardwood Floor Polishing and Waxing
 Proper Cleaning Techniques
 Proactive Hard Surface Floor Care Programs

Contact us to schedule commercial cleaning with our experts. We proudly serve clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as the surrounding areas. 

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