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Hardwood Floor Restoration in Oklahoma City, OK

When you need hardwoord floor restoration in Oklahoma City, pick JAN PRO of Oklahoma City, OK to begin appreciating the advantages of a cleaner floor. Our commercial janitorial firm in Oklahoma City has expertise and the knowledge needed to supply the strongest clean potential to your business. Each time workers or your customers walk through your doors, make certain you make a favorable impact with a clean space that supplies an unrivaled professional impression.

We are proud to offer the most complex cleaning services in the business! EnviroShield, our sprayer delivery system that is state of the art, is unlike anything accessible today's marketplace. It uses a string of distinct sprayers that are made for programs and particular regions. An electrostatic negative charge is added by the sprayer nozzle to the disinfecting solution as it's employed. The cleaning solution really clings to the surfaces it touches, removing dangerous bacteria.

Oklahoma City Hardwood Restoration

Various types of hardwood floors have special constructions and surfaces. Our cleaning crews have expert knowledge on all wood types, finishes and coloring. Based on the unique design of your hardwood flooring, we'll provide the proper floor-care solutions. Manufacturer-recommended treatments and techniques are applied to highlight distinct hues and glosses.
Our goal is to bring out the beauty in your wood floor to enhance your commercial setting. Whether you installed distressed or hand-scraped hardwood, our services will restore your flooring back to its original condition. 

Restoring old wood floors radiance and bringing back it’s natural beauty is a task best left to professionals. Wood floors really are a classic touch your home especially in an older house. It could drastically alter an area and provide an updated appearance and increase the value. As an example, you could have very dark, worn out spots in your floors. The refinishing of a spot to make it lighter will then add brightness to the room that is dark.

Some wood flooring is uncommon today.  Many species of trees do not grow long before they're cut down as they'd have been historically. For instance, you do not see a broad board pine flooring quite frequently.  Wide board floors are more often than not more than one hundred years old. Stylistically, flavors change. It's not very common to see elaborate herringbone flooring. In present times, these floorings that are timeless add fantastic value to your house because of attractiveness and the rareness.  Regardless of the case, old hardwood floors are nearly always worth the job to restore them.  

Regardless of the kind of hardwood you have, it will someday start to look less than perfect. Any hardwood flooring will eventually show some damage due to everyday wear and tear.  This can include light colored patches on heavely traveled areas and minor separation amongst boards.  Scratches and stains are common. Scratches may come from kids playing normally or from pets running around as they do.  Stains can be the result of food or drinks getting spilled.  If messes are cleaned up immediately they may not set but softer woods it can sink in and leave permanent damage.

Acid damage and burns can also happen, more common than you would think. setting a hot frying pan or baking pan on wood can result in a burn spot that is hard to remove especially on light floors.  An acid like fruit juice or nail polish remover can erode the floor's finish very quickly, this can also happen with bleach.  Quite possibly the biggest threat to hardwood flooring is just plain waterr. If you leave any amount of water on hardwood for even a short length of time it will cause it to expand and warp, that in turn will make it harder to clean and can move other boards out of alignment.  For example a leaky dishwasher or drain pipe under a sink can damage large portions of a hardwood if it isn't caught quickly.

Perhaps you've lived in the exact same house for quite a while and eventually made a decision to take away the old carpeting to discover old hardwood floors which have not been exposed in decades! No matter what your case might be, lots of homeowners have no idea how to pull out vintage flooring and replace it using new material or when to restore vintage flooring. You have nicely kept up one hundred year old hardwood flooring should continue, it's dependent on the kind of flooring, how nicely it's handled, etc.  In general the type of flooring that is soft wood flooring and engineered flooring has a significantly shorter life compared to hardwood flooring. This is a very valid reason to have your existing hardwood flooring refinished and bring it back to a beautiful, natural look.

Guaranteed Quality: JP Signature Clean®

Our services are backed by our commitment to following JP Signature Clean® standards. In addition to ensuring that all of our cleaning crews undergo a rigorous training program, we are committed to high-quality processes. You can feel confident knowing that our flooring owner-operators are educated on the finer points of:
 Commercial wood flooring.
 Stripping and refinishing.
 Hardwood floor polishing and waxing.
 Proper cleaning techniques.
 Proactive hard-surface floor-care programs

Schedule a consultation with a JAN-PRO® flooring consultant in Oklahoma City, OK, today! We provide hardwood floor stripping and refinishing services in the surrounding areas of Cleveland, Canadian, Lincoln, McClain, Grady and Logan.


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