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Office Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City, OK

JAN-PRO® is a superior janitorial company that offers office cleaning services in Oklahoma City, OK. We provide measurable cleaning systems that guarantee quality results every time. Schedule a consultation with a JAN-PRO® representative today and we'll design a cleaning program that meets the distinct needs of your company!

Oklahoma City Office Cleaning

Part of the JAN-PRO® Guarantee is to follow our three processes that were developed to consistently define, deliver and measure quality. Our solution for maximum cleanliness is, "It's only clean when our processes confirm it's clean." With JAN-PRO®, we eliminate any guesswork for what determines a clean space.
JAN-PRO® of Oklahoma City offers highest janitorial services to commercial customers who value an eco friendly clean beyond conventional standards. We specialize in medical facilities and cleaning office buildings. Our commercial janitor in Oklahoma City supplies a whole cleaning service that meets your business' needs.

We'll always deliver:
 Disinfected, Bacteria-free Surfaces
 Healthy Environments
 Green Practices
 Safe Techniques for Employees
 Proper Treatments for Flooring and Windows
 Follow-up Inspections with a 50-point Checklist
 Effective Solutions Based on Scientific
     Research within the Industry
 Cutting-edge Technologies

EnviroShield - The Science of Disinfecting

We offer our state-of-the-art disinfecting system EnviroShield®, which provides contaminant-free workspaces by using the safest and most effective cleaner. Our innovative cleaning system delivers the multi-purpose disinfecting agent EnviroTru® that deodorizes and kills bacteria. EnviroTru® doesn't corrode or stain surfaces. It's eco-friendly and can be safely used indoors. The active ingredient used in EnviroTru® is PCMX (parachlorometaxylenol). Because of a proprietary chemical emulsion process, EnviroTru® uses low-concentrated PCMX. EnviroTru® is effective, as well as gentle, in its application.

Call JAN-PRO® for more information on our EnviroShield™ system and business cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK. Our professional cleaning crews visit offices in the surrounding areas of Cleveland, Canadian, Lincoln, McClain, Grady and Logan

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