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School Cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK

Choosing a school or daycare cleaning service is a difficult but important task. Any parent who has young children can tell you that school or daycare is one of the worst environments for germs spreading. Small children are constantly touching not only every surface in the area, but also each other. Preventing the spread of germs through the school or daycare environment is increasingly important as flu season approaches.

Additionally, proper school cleaning in Oklahoma City can also prevent the spread of more serious illnesses like MRSA or bacterial meningitis. When done properly and thoroughly, regular cleaning of a school in Oklahoma City is one of the best ways to reduce illness in the children as well as staff and promote overall health. Ensuring that you choose a high quality daycare cleaning company in Oklahoma City can make a huge difference, particularly during flu season.

Oklahoma City School Cleaning Service

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends several steps be taken in the school or daycare environment to reduce the spread of the flu or other contagious illnesses. Jan-Pro® of Oklahoma City’s school cleaning service covers each of these points thoroughly.

For example, one of the simplest recommendations is to ensure high traffic areas are disinfected and sanitized. Many school cleaning services in Oklahoma City will clean your environment, but not sanitize it. While basic cleaning is helpful because it reduces the amount of germs present, it still leaves potentially dangerous germs in your daycare. Our cleaning services in Oklahoma City disinfect and sterilize, using green chemicals to prevent any harm to even the smallest child. Our team pays extra attention to high touch areas that are likely to be dirtier, like bathrooms, tabletops, door handles, and toys. Plus we use a color coded system to avoid cross contamination of surfaces. This attention to detail ensures that your location is clean and sanitary when we leave.

Contact JAN-PRO® to find out more about a school cleaning contract in Oklahoma City! We also clean OKC day cares, extended day centers, and any other facility that caters to children. We have kids too, and we would expect the highest sanitary standards for them, and our professionals provide them to clients in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

For affordable school cleaning services in Oklahoma City, call the name you trust. We clean schools and daycares in Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Canadian, Lincoln, McClain, Grady and Logan, Oklahoma.

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